The essence of our rich tradition is reflected in our customs and festivals. One such festival which earmarks the commencement of New Year is Lohri Festival.

lohri celebration @Engmates

The origin of the festival happened in Punjab and it is celebrated by the farmers to celebrate the harvest of Rabi crop.

Entire North India is soaked in Lohri celebration. Apart from the custom quotient, the warmth of bonfire sparks bonding between family, friends, and relatives. Engmates also welcomes everyone to the fun-filled Lohri Celebration.

We will be celebrating Lohri to make our students aware of the significance behind the customary celebration.

Venue: Engmates (View on Map)

Date: 11th January 2019

Timings: 9 am to 1 pm.

The function will focus on the following:

  • Students are encouraged to speak few lines on Lohri. Extempore is also welcome and any student who wishes to share their views are most welcome.
  • Pooja will be followed.
  • Prashad will be distributed and the celebration will commence.
  • Fun, frolic, and dance will fill the ambiance with excitement and laughter.

The function will come to an end at 1 pm and the students will go home with a light heart and happy mood to spread happiness around them.

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