This is a story of those days when I was studying in a private school and didn’t know the purpose of my life and the importance of education and success.

I was studying only to get good marks in any condition even if I had to cheat. Because of private school, I got 9 CAP (grades) easily in 10th class. After the results of 10th class, I pressurized my parents to help me take admission in a government school so that I could easily spare myself from homework and private school’s pressure.

I didn’t have friends for two to three months as govt. the school was new to me. One day I was spotted and handpicked by a group of 8 bad boys in my class. I entered into their bad company and after that my life took a negative turn. I hardly stayed in my class for 1 to 2 periods and most of the time we were in a restaurant or in the playground. The boys in my group were very courageous. They used to quarrel without any reason with anybody to get fame in the school and I was also one of them. We had become the quarrel gang of our school.

I failed in all the subjects except English in the first term so there was a big fear in my mind of getting failed in 11th class. I took 365 days revolution again with a sense of guiltiness. The stress of results was too high that I got loose motion one day before the results. When my Principal came in the ground to announce the results, there was fear in my classmates. The principal announced the result. 48 students out of 49 were able to pass. One got to fail. Everybody thought I was the one who couldn’t pass. The fear in me increased more because of my low self-confidence and bad performance in exams. But by God’s grace, I was able to pass my exams and was promoted to 12th class.

I didn’t mend my ways even after not getting a good result in 11th and continued wasting my precious time. One day one of my teachers noticed me because of my good response in the class and called me in the staff room and advised me to stay away from the bad company and focus on my studies. He made me realize that my family was spending a lot of money to help me become a successful man. I thought about it a lot and I started preparing for my board exams.

My teacher’s advice was a turning point of my life and after it, I switched off my ph and started studying for 8-10 hours in holidays and 5-6 hours in school days and I made a distance from my bad friends. I remember how hard I worked. I failed in pre-boards exams but in final boards, I scored 80% due to my hard work..

Now I have got to know the real value of education and success and I am living a meaningful life. Now I have a purpose to do something good for my family and my country. Everyone should know the importance of education and success and everyone should have a purpose of life.

Written by
Student From Engmates

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