The amazing hues of colors attract the attention of people. holi is the Festival of Colours. Life gets infused with colors and merrymaking spreads around when this festival approaches. Several events are organized where people are soaked in laughter, food, and colors to enjoy the festival to the fullest. It is one such event in which friends and foes unite and play in compliance. People have come forth with interesting and innovative ways to play Holi.

Tips to Enhance your personality on holi events

Some of the personality tips for Holi Events are as follows:

  • People have understood the harmful effects of chemically packed colors. Thus it is highly recommended to play Holi with Organic colors. People are going natural and heading for colors with a natural tinge so that their skin is also spared from rashes or the after effects of Holi. Eco-friendly colors for Holi are easily available in the market.
  • The biggest message which is spreading loud and clear around is to Save Water. People are encouraged to play with dry colors which are much safer for the body as well as the surroundings. It is becoming a personality trait to dress up in white with all the hues of dry colors on the outfit and body. It looks cool too.
  • Holi sounds so much incomplete without sweets and savories. It is a high point to have great food in Holi events. Gujiya is available in diverse flavors, shapes, and sizes to lure the players and give them a reason to play hard but a safe Holi. Thandai is another favorite drink during Holi.
  • To take care of your personality, be careful and apply oil on your hair and body. This is a simple tip to help you against the harmful effects of the colors.
  • Holi becomes enjoyable when you are dressed in comfortable attire. Loose clothing is ideal. Ethnic looks are chic and trendy. Ladies should tie their hair as it is much safer for the hair.
  • Minimal make-up or no make-up is the best beauty regime to follow.

Engmates announces its Holi Party and invites the students and faculty to mingle and enjoy the spirit of the festival in true color.

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