Engmates is arranging an outdoor activity for Public Speaking Students. They are being taken to CP on 22nd February 2018. The activity they are going to get involved is SERVEY.
Groups would be formed randomly. Each group would be taking to the public about various social, economic and political issues and collecting their views.
Each group would be recording audio and visual clips. Each group has to submit clips to the facilitator on the same day.
The next day audio and video clips would be played in the classroom and feedback would be provided to them.



  • Students would be getting exposure to real-life situations.
  • They would be coming out of their comfort zone.
  • Their Confidence level would increase.
  • They would get to know the opinion of others.
  • They would be free from the fear of being judged.
  • They would be learning how to voice their questions and opinion.
  • They would be learning the importance of team spirit.
  • They would be learning how to adjust to a team and achieve target as a team.
  • This activity would spark creativity in them.

Audio and video clips would be played in the class and feedback would be given. This would ensure their further improvement. All the students are pretty excited about their outdoor activity and are eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

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