Are you preparing for UPSC / IAS exams 2018? Engmates congratulates and wishes you all “good luck” for the upcoming exams. The admission sessions have started and this is the time when aspirants get religious with their IAS / UPSC preparation. From general studies to optional papers to test series, they leave no stone unturned get the success they have dreamt of.
Importance of Spoken English for IAS / UPSC aspirants


According to Mr. Tirthankar Roy Chaudhary ( from Eden IAS, New Delhi), one of the most popular teachers for IAS preparations in India – “Though excellence in English is not solicited, basic and correct English communication is expected from the candidates today. Aspirants from Hindi speaking regions of India often neglect this and either get lower ranks or fail to clear the English paper in multiple attempts while doing well in other papers”.
If you are going to be a level 1 govt official, your English communication is going to be very important. Tomorrow you may be interviewed by an English news channel or you may need to face non-Hindi speaking officials/politicians for meetings. That is where you will face the biggest challenge. So preparing yourself for the interview in UPSC or IAS exam is not the only point, it is about your career in future.
According to Ms. Aparajita, Chief trainer at Engmates -“Your personality, public speaking skill, and command over language are going to be very important in your life ahead. Passing the exam is only the first hurdle, there are more hurdles that we can prepare you for in the latter part of your career.” We suggest you visit us once to learn more about our offerings. If you are seriously preparing for IAS exam this year and lack adequate English speaking and writing skills we recommend you take a parallel English speaking or personality development course with us.
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