At a formal office party

Sumit : Isn’t this a big moment for our company?

Akshay : Of course, it is. Achieving an honor from the marketing world is not so easy. I feel proud to be part of it.

Rohan : Well said Akshay! I have been associated with the organization for the past five years and I must say, the growth has been amazing.

Sumit : Sir, It feels nice to work under you too. You have always been cooperative as a Marketing Head. Its a learning experience for freshers like me.

Rohan : Oh, Sumit, that was flattering. I am just doing what I can. Thanks. Our competitors will have to put in a lot of effort now to meet our standards.

Akshay: I agree sir. But its equally pressurizing on us too to maintain ours. But I am sure we shall be able to do it.

Sumit: This is truly motivating Sir and I think it’s time for the Directors speech now.

Rohan : Yes, my boys! Would you like to refill your glasses?

Sumit and Akshay: No thanks, Sir!

Rohan : Alright. Lets enjoy the big moment.