At a wedding, among a group of uncles, aunts and cousins

Aditya : Pranam to all my uncles and Aunts! I cant express how excited I am to meet you all after such a long time. And a big hi to all my cousins! How have you all been? I just did not expect all of you to make it to this wedding though I had hoped. This is a great feeling!

Uncle 1 : We are also overwhelmed beta, to see you all. We are doing fine.

Aunt 1: absolutely! How are your parents? Where is your mother, Aditya?

Parul (Cousin) : Hey Aditya, We were all waiting for this occasion. Hows your job? Have you changed location?

Aditya: They are good Mausi! Mom must be here anytime by noon. Parul, Jobs treating me fine and I still am at Delhi. What about you? What are you doing these days?

Parul: I am a management consultant at Pune!

Abhishek: Hey dude, Missed you! Great to see you again!

Aditya : Me too Abhi! Hope Bhabhi is doing good too.

Parul: Abhi bhayya ensures that Bhabhi doesnt kick him out of the house, am I right Bhayya?

Abhi : ha ha! Aditya, yes she is fine! Parul, you are still your naughty self.

Uncle 2: Abhi, She is and I dont think she would change one bit. Aditya, I need to meet your father and catch up with a lot of talk.

Aditya : Uncle, he has just gone upstairs for a dress change. I would tell him. Abhi and Parul, my stomach is just growling for food. Have you people eaten and if not shall we go now?

Abhi : I guess we are hungry too. Lets go and eat. There is so much to catch up with.

Parul. Yeah, totally. We shall sit together again after lunch. Lets go now.

Aditya : Yes of course! Pranam again to all my uncles and aunts! See you all later. Bye!