At the Canteen, introducing others

Mikki : Hello, I am Mikki! Nice to meet you!

Nikitha : Hello, I am Nikitha, pleased to meet you too!

Mikki : Nikitha, this is Raunak from second year B.Com, my friend.

Nikitha: Hi!

Mikki : Raunak, this is Nikitha, a new entrant, my classmate.

Raunak : Hello, how do you do? Welcome to our college!

Nikitha : Am fine, Thank you! Good to meet you.

Raunak: Hey Mikki, It is unusual to see you at the canteen.

Mikki: Oh, actually, I was feeling too bored at class. I just thought I will grab a bite. Hence I came and as a coincidence, I got to meet my new classmate here too. Dont you have class now?

Raunak: No. We have a free session now. I am just hanging out with my friends. Good to see you and nice to meet Nikitha too. I shall catch up with you later. Bye.

Mikki and Nikitha: Same here. Bye.