At the bank

Banking Officer: BO;Help desk:HD; Customer:C

To open an account.

Help desk: hello, may I help you?

Customer: Hello, I would like to open a savings account in your bank. What are the formalities?

HD : Kindly contact our banking officer who is seated at the far right.

Customer: Thank you.

BO: Yes, what can I do for you?

C: I would like to open a savings account with your bank. Could you please guide me?

BO: Please take your seat. Would you like some water?

C: No thanks.

BO:Ok. We would need Photostat documents as proof for your age, residence and also your salary certificate. Besides that we would need two passport size photographs too.

C: Sure, I do have them now. What is the minimum balance that needs to be maintained?

BO: Well then, you are good to go. A minimum balance of 5000/- is mandatory. Please fill up this form with all your necessary details and your account will get activated. Here you are.

C: Yes sir, thank you.

BO: Congratulations and thanks for choosing our bank. You will shortly receive an email from us regarding our other benefit schemes. Kindly go through and get back to us whenever you need.

C: Thank you. I would also like to opt for internet banking. How do I go about it?

BO: Please visit our website and follow the instructions given there. Further on, you may use the net banking facility. Anything else sir?

C: No, Thank you once again!

BO: My pleasure! Good day sir!