Complaining to a boss about a colleague

Aman : Good morning Sir! May I have a word with you if you are free?

Boss : Good morning Aman! Please take your seat. Just give me a minute while I just finish this phone call.

Aman : No problem sir.

Boss : Well, yes. What's bothering you Aman? Is everything alright?

Aman: Not really sir. Its my colleague Pratham who is creating some issues for me. I understand we work together but he seems to have a problem every time something is said to him. He never finishes on time and this affects my work too. He argues when I ask him about it.

Boss : It is an issue, I agree. I shall have a word with him. Let me also see what he has to say about you too. Please understand that we are here for a professional purpose. Try to handle things to the best of your ability before bringing it to me.

Aman: I agree sir, but this needs your assistance.

Boss: Thats fine. Let me see what I can do about it. You may go now.

Aman : Thank you and have a good day sir!