Complaining to a restaurant manager

Atul: Excuse me bearer! Could you please come here?

Bearer: Yes sir! Is there any problem sir?

Atul: Yes, there is. It is disgusting to find an iron nail in the mixed vegetable dish that we had ordered. Dont you people check it before it is served to the guest? I need to talk to the restaurant manager right now.

Bearer: I am really sorry sir! He will be here in a minute.

Manager: Yes sir, what is the issue?

Atul: I find this iron nail in the side dish. This is ridiculous. Do you know it could actually harm a person? Are these your quality standards?

Manager: I am extremely sorry sir! Its a huge mistake, I agree. As compensation, you need not have to pay the food bill sir. And we shall revise your order again.

Atul: But that isnt the solution. Please assure quality of food and cooking in the kitchen. Tomorrow, someone else might suffer.

Manager: This is an issue that would not be repeated in future sir. We are extremely sorry once again.

Atul: Please do the needful.