During lunch hour at an office

Hemant : Hi guys, I am so damn hungry now. I had worked late till twelve last night. I couldn’t sleep properly either. Hence, I couldn’t eat my breakfast.

Snigdha : Hey Hemant, would you care for an onion parantha?  My mom had sent a few more today.

Hemant : That’s so sweet of her. I would love it. Thank you!

Kaushik: I can understand that staying away from home must be horrible for you Hemant, especially because you don’t get good food to eat. How’s the food at your PG residence?  Here you are, you can have some pulao from my lunch box.

Hemant : You guys are so nice. Yes, Kaushik, I do miss my mom’s food. But the food at my PG residence is not worse either. It’s oily and not fully cooked at times.

Snigdha : I agree, I can smell some nice dosas here now, Malathi, that must be from your Tiffin box.

Malathi: Ha ha, Yes, Snigdha. You all may have them. I am tired of dosas anyway. I am going to have a burger now.

Hemant : That’s like a hat trick for me today! This is great fun. I shall treat you all to some nice chaat at my place someday. There is an interesting chaat corner at the corner of the street where I live.

Kaushik : Thanks a lot! We would love it. What are we waiting for now? Let’s enjoy our food now.


Everyone unanimously: Of course yes!