In a classroom

Akhil : Hi Vijay, can you just help me with this topic? I just couldnt follow.

Vijay : Hey Akhil! Whats the matter? Were you ill? I didnt see you during the session when this topic was explained. In fact, I too need some help with this.

Akhil : Yes, I was unwell that day and couldnt make it to class. Do you think Vivek could help us out?

Vijay : Oh, Is it? Hope you are doing well now. Yes, I think we could approach Vivek. Besides, he is a nice and helpful person.

Akhil: Am feeling better, thanks Vijay! Yes, I agree hes nice. I cant see him anywhere in our class. I suppose he must be at the canteen.

Vijay : I think so too. The kind of foodie he is, he can never stay off the canteen.

Akhil : Ha ha, yes. Shall we surprise him there and probably request him after we are done snacking?

Vijay : Thats a cool idea! Lets go now buddy!