Meeting new people at work

Krish : Hello, I am Krish, a new appointment to your Department . Nice to meet you!

Kunal : Hi, I am Kunal. Welcome to our office! I would also like you to meet Priyanka, Sagar and Komal. We all work for the same department and we would be your colleagues hereafter.

Krish : Hello, everyone. Its wonderful to know you all.

Priyanka : Hi Krish and welcome. Hope you have a great time here.

Sagar : Hi and Yes, hope we can look forward to some good times together. May I know where you were working earlier?

Krish : Thank you. Sagar, I have just finished my MBA and this is my first job.

Komal : Hi Krish, Thats nice! Mine too. But you will surely like it here. People here are very professional and friendly at the same time too.

Sagar : Great news! Congratulations and all the best! We are all here in case you need any help. It always happens with the first job.

Kunal : I agree Sagar! Let me tell you Krish, its good fun too.

Krish : Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable! I am glad to meet you all and feel so relieved and motivated now.

Priyanka : We will have a lot of opportunities to interact. We shall all catch up later and we can get to know more about you Krish. So, lets get started now!

Krish : Of course yes! I shall look forward to that.

Everyone Unanimously: Yes!

Komal : Have a great day at work Folks!