Sister complaining to her father about her brother

Ana : Hello papa, what are you doing?

Papa: Oh my dear girl, come here. I am just clearing my table. You look worried and bothered.

Ana: Yes, papa. I am.Its about Anand.

Papa: Not again. So what were you both up to this time?

Ana: Papa, he meddles with all my stuff and I dont like it. I miss a lot of my things because of this. My driving license got misplaced because he is so messy.

Papa: I have told you so many times to keep your things locked. Why dont you do it? Unless both of you are going to be responsible, nothing is going to help.

Ana: Do you mean to say that he is right?

Papa: No. that is not what I mean. I mean to ask you to take responsibility of your stuff. I shall strictly tell him that too. If both of you do not follow this, you would be expected to do what I ask you to. Is that fair enough now?

Ana: Ok papa. But please make sure he does not repeat this again.