Teacher and Student conversation

Mam: That's all for today's class, students. You may leave now. Please ensure that you complete the work thats given to you. Have a nice day!

Class:Thank you mam! You too.

Tripti : Excuse me mam! Can you spare a few minutes for me?

Mam: Yes, Tripti. What is it that I can do for you?

Tripti: I could not follow the passive voice exercise in today's class. Could you please help?

Mam: Is it? That's not a problem. But I have my next session now. You could get back at 1.30 p.m during the lunch hour. I shall be able to give you some time.

Tripti : Yes,mam. Thank you for considering. I shall meet you again at noon.

Mam: You are welcome. See you.