Conversation : Breakfast Table

Mother: Chintu! Where are you? You are getting late for school. Take your breakfast.

Chintu: What is there for breakfast, Mom? I wont eat apple. Ill just take bread with butter

Father: My child, apple is good for health.

Chintu: But I dont like.

Mother: Take bread and butter. I am giving you just a small piece of apple. It will improve your brain-power.

Chintu: O.K. ll take a small piece.

Ritika: Papa, sandwich is very tasty. Would you like to have one more?

Father: Thanks my daughter. Now hurry up, you may get late for school. It is 7.20 now... Ranjana! Have you packed their lunch?

Mother: Yes, I have. What would you like to take, tea or coffee?

Father: Half cup tea. Ritika! How is your study going on?

Ritika: I have some problem in understanding one poem. Would you help?

Father: Why not, remind me at night.