Conversation : Life in Delhi

Shiva: Since when have you been living in Delhi?

Akram: I have been living here since my birth.

Shiva: Can you tell me something about Delhi?

Akram: Of course (certainly).

Shiva: Which type of people live here?

Akram: Delhi is a cosmopolitan city. People from all the states of India have settled here.

Shiva: Does your city have everything you need?

Akram: Yes, it has. It also has the best educational and medical facilities in India.

Shiva: Are you satisfied with public transport facility?

Akram: It is satisfactory. Government is trying to improve it further with Metro train network.

Shiva: Have you traveled by Metro?

Akram: Many times. It is an excellent train.

Shiva: Have you seen the international airport?

Akram: I havent yet seen the airport.

Shiva: Is this city clean and well-planned?

Akram: Many areas are old and dirty. There are also areas which are clean and well-planned.

Shiva: In which college are you studying?

Akram: I am studying in Ramjas College, University of Delhi.

Shiva: Do you like the university?

Akram: Yes. It is the best university in India.

Shiva: What are the other attractions of Delhi?

Akram: Presidents House, Parliament House, Connaught Place, Chanakya Puri, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Appu Ghar, India Gate are the main attractions of the city.

Shiva: Have you visited all these places?

Akram: Yes, I have.

Shiva: Is Delhi one of the best cities in the world?

Akram: No. It is not. But it is developing very fast.

Shiva: Can you show me your city some day?

Akram: Definitely. We can go on coming Sunday.