Conversation : Talking about Diet

Rubina: Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Anju: I am a vegetarian.

Rubina: Why dont you eat non-veg?

Anju: I dont like it.

Rubina: Do you enjoy fruits and vegetables?

Anju: I really enjoy them and eat daily. They are good for our health.

Rubina: What is your favourite fruit?

Anju: My favourite fruit is apple.

Rubina: Which fruit do you dislike?

Anju: I dislike papaya.

Rubina: And vegetable?

Anju: I dont like to eat gourd.

Rubina: At what time do you take breakfast?

Anju: I take breakfast at 8am.

Rubina: What do you take in breakfast?

Anju: I mostly take bread and butter or fruit with milk.

Rubina: Dont you enjoy stuffed paranthas?

Anju: We enjoy paranthas with curd but only on Sunday.

Rubina: Dont you take tea in the morning?

Anju: I dont like tea. My favourite drink is flavoured milk.

Rubina: What about cold drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc.

Anju: They are bad for health because they contain pesticides.

Rubina: Do you go to enjoy outside food at restaurants or hotels?

Anju: Only on special occasions.

Rubina: With whom do you go?

Anju: With my parents or friends.

Rubina: What is your favourite dish?

Anju: Potato parantha with curd at home, and pizza when we go outside.

Rubina: What do you take in lunch and dinner?

Anju: Mostly chapattis with pulse or vegetable and raita. I also eat salad or fruit with each meal.

Rubina: So you try to take a balanced diet.

Anju: Every body should take a balanced diet because it is necessary to keep our body healthy.