Conversation : Two Friends Talking about Job

John: In which company are you working?

Tom: I am working in Wipro.

John: What post are you in?

Tom: I am a marketing executive in its printer department.

John: Do you like your job?

Tom: Yeah, I do.

John: Do you like your boss?

Tom: He is a nice man.

John: Have you been given any conveyance by the company?

Tom: I have got a bike from the company.

John: For how long have you been working in this company?

Tom: For last six months.

John: For how many hours a week do you work?

Tom: I work for 48 hours in a week.

John: How much salary are you drawing?

Tom: I am drawing Rs.25000/- plus 5% commission on sales.

John: Can you help me to get a job in your company? Is there any vacancy?

Tom: Havent you got any job yet?

John: No. I am still finding.

Tom: What have you done?

John: You know I have completed my diploma in web designing.

Tom: I have developed a good rapport with my boss. I shall talk to him about you. He may try to help you. Please call me after three days.

John: We have met after several months. Lets have refreshments somewhere.

Tom: Lets go to Bikanerwala then. Its near and the best place to eat in this area.