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Make Corrections (Miscellaneous)

1. If you will not come here I will angry.

2. since when you are learning English.

3. He jumped in the river.

4. They had to told a lie to save him.

5. At what time you get up daily?

6. As long as we think he is a good man.

7. Keep this table among these two chairs.

8. When you get washed your clothes?

9. He is helping road cross him.

10. When you get up I was preparing tea.

11. Cat tried to jump on rat but got sliped.

12. Whom car will you borrow?

13. Today you had to came on 7 pm.

14. Where girls are going?

15. Yesterday we shall have to went there.

16. Brought a good book for me if you go to book fair.

17. He is making his room whitewashed.

18. I will not open gift till you do not say.

19. Come and sit besides me.


20. Who did went there with you?

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