Vocabulary for Dinning Etiquette

Vocabulary for Dinning Etiquette


Defiled                 -                  tasted

Scrumptious        -                  delicious

Afters                   -                   sweet dish / dessert

Insipid                 -                  tasteless, flavorless 

Drool worthy       -                  mouth-watering / tempting

Mouth feel           -                  a tactile sensation in a food gives to the mouth

Appetizers            -                  starters

Seasoned              -                  spicy food

Seasoning             -                    salt

Stale                     -                  cklh

Pungent               -                  bitter

Gourmet              -                  who likes to cook & eats too

Gastro sexual      -                  Male who cooks food for other’s pleasure

Gastronomical delight        -    spicy, hot tasty food but not on the tummy

Savoury               -                  salty, spicy

Finger licking food -               very tasty