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" I see. I experience. I believe." This is one of the briefest philosophies of Ms. Aparajita's life in a nutshell. Spanning over fifteen years of fructiferous learning while training has been an overwhelming journey of deep understanding of her students. Someone who listens to her heart, human psychology has forever enthused her ever since she knew the ways of the world. This formidable assistance helped her arrive at the fact that learning is not a task but unlearning is.

The psychological chains that are wound around them are the threatening inhibitions, a challenge she bravely confronts all the time. Nevertheless, results have been witnessed as absolutely free and super efficient successful individuals. Daring business associates, confident professors, inquisitive foreign nationals, cordial doctors, congenial home makers, gregarious college youth etc are illustrations to this fact. 
Her passion for teaching has pushed her to unimaginable heights of exploration of delivering this skill to students in a manner they understand.
" The thirst for acceptance from a large crowd and the want of their opinions to be heard is the most primitive need of the mind", she says. Her psychological approach is an effective tool that sharpens students' emotional intelligence thereby making them truly productive.

Ironically, being an ardent learner, she discontinued her post graduation as simply swallowing theoretical knowledge did not suffice. Hence, she went on to gain more from fantastic workshops like Dale Carnegie, the fiery Femina etc. She is also an innovative image consultant in the making.

Reading, travelling, knowing new people and cooking are her soul's love. She nurtures this awakening vision of helping people acknowledge their self worth and individual power.

She draws inspiration from the words of Oprah Winfrey, " The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." Besides, Ms.Aparajita wakes up everyday to the deep verses of Robert Frost, ," The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep." 

She welcomes you to her enchanting world of English. 


It is often said by most people that experience is one’s best teacher and I, Subha vouch for that and it is a living reality for me as a Go Public Trainer at this cool institute, EngMates. I extend a very welcome to all of you to this goal oriented and focused training center that handles English Training in fun filled and creative ways, yet with an ability to deliver. Primarily a writer, I delved deep into English training five years ago and realised that it is the best thing that has happened to me. My students would hold witness for that. I graduated in Mathematics rather unwillingly but went on after my heart’s choice to do my PG Diploma in Advertising and have worked as a copywriter for Advertising agencies as well as a content writer for a  couple of years. Music, dance, painting and poetry are what I enjoy during those leisure hours. English drives me to get my students to their favored destinations and it is always an enjoyable ride. Extroverted and sometimes asocial by nature, I find the cool faculties of Engmates great to be with and the smiles never frown. Life does not become great because you love challenges. It is so because it is one. It's beautiful. See you soon here!         



Hello everyone, this is Arundhati saying hi! An astute professional with more than 10 years work experience, a post graduate in Media Communication with specialization in creative writing and a passion for the English language I believe that learning is a continuous process.

A lifetime is less when it comes to knowledge. Here, at EngMates as a Go Public trainer I train students encouraging them to break barriers, overcome hesitation, fight their inhibition ushering them towards their goals. My students are my strength – my source of inspiration. In this journey my students always manage to bring that fresh breath of air further motivating me to work harder to bring out their best qualities. The environment and ambience at EngMates has enabled me to strive harder to chalk out new approaches of learning. A movie buff and a music enthusiast, I believe that a rounded individual is somebody who is knowledgeable, humourous, friendly and outgoing. I thoroughly enjoy my time here at EngMates and look forward every single day to the smiling faces that greet me here.


Ciao everyone! This is Neha, a post graduate in M.com together with a b.ed degree from GNDU, Amritsar Punjab. I have also completed my diploma from Frankfinn institute and am a certified English Trainer. My career journey with Engmates spans for five years and it has been  remarkable and the experience continues. The environment and ambience of this institute is totally  satisfactory. I treasure my time here at the institute with students from different walks of life. The most enjoyable part working  with this institute and team is to get new opportunities and facing and learning new challenges. I am a go-getter and friendly person with a positive approach towards life. I believe in teaching with a certain element of fun and hence students are able to bring out their best in them. The experience of being with students who want to realise their dreams is irreplaceable. Engmates is the best place to sense learning and teaching at its optimum.



Hello everyone, this is Supreet saying hi! My association with EngMates has been a fairly long but lovable one. A graduate in humanities from the Punjab  University(Patiala), I have five years of training experience in Spoken English. Currently, a trainer for Go Smart and Go Classic at this wonderful institute, I enjoy my job thoroughly well. I am often intrigued by students’ inquisitiveness and that has always made me look for different ways and approaches in training.My leisure time is pleasantly spent in reading and exploring vocabulary.This extends to my sessions benefiting my students too. I never get tired of discovering and that keeps me ticking. Yoga helps me in kicking away my stress and this practice keeps me on my track.




There can be nothing more beautiful than honesty and there can be nothing more passionate than knowing. Hi, this is Neeta and I am a proud Engmate. Training the Go Classic batch is a constant interesting challenge that I enjoy facing and it is only enriching my two year teaching experience further carrying it to greater heights. Primarily a post graduate in commerce from the Delhi University, my indulgences include food and travel. My edge in English over the other subjects is the driving force behind my teaching career. I hope we have a great time learning together.            



Hi. I am Prerna Anand working in EngMates, I hold my duties here in the Administration department. It has given me a trove of so many great experiences. Engmates is the academy that takes change as a necessity. Though being a trainer myself, I have also undergone some good changes in myself. My work experience accounts to about an approximate of six years. It feels great to see transformation in students and the smiles they wear when they move out as confident individuals is something worth seeing. This is what we strive for. A movie buff, I love to surf the internet and learn new stuff besides chilling out with my family and friends. Confidence is what I bank upon, in myself and try to impart the same in students who get in touch with us. Engmates, way to go!   



Warm greetings to all! This is Sapna here and it feels wonderful to feel part of the EngMates team. I head the administration department and it is a roller coaster ride, but a fascinating one. My training experience of about five years has been a very enriching experience with zestful students and the smiles have never stopped. I have always looked at English teaching as a very beautiful learning experience too with various activities to be thought about on a daily basis. What our students learn here is more than what they ask for. If you still need to know, you need to be a student here.I love music and can shake a leg while I equally enjoy indulging in movies too with a bunch of my cheerful friends. Happy learning and happy living!

Sonia Narula

Hello everyone, this is Sonia Narula saying hi and I hold my head high as I call myself a member of EngMates (Tilak Nagar). Being part of the administration team for the past four years has been a pleasurable experience for me and we are constantly innovating for the benefit of students. I love to sing and listen to music, make friends and make great memories. I am also a person that sticks to my values and principles and pretty vocal about it. Life is about happy living. Welcome to my world. Welcome to EngMates!

Thank you...





This is Shalini saying hi and I hold myself responsible for producing smart students through the Go Smart course in EngMates. Academically, I am a graduate qualified in arts with an additional sound technical qualification in GNIIT from NIIT. Teaching became my passion and the experience elevated with five years of treasured experience in the same. I love to dance and cook when I am not teaching.  An avid learner by nature, I dream of scaling the skies of my own world. EngMates is an excellent platform for achieving dreams.