Telephonic Etiquette is an electronic representation of your behavior and not just some speech pattern to follow or lines to remember.

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Since the inception of the telephone, it is being used as one of the most effective medium of communication. With the changes in technology, the devices became sophisticated but the essence remained intact. While some people are very courteous when they talk on the phone; some are very rude. If you think that telephone talking does not require any mannerism, then you are sadly mistaken. Human interaction should be based upon politeness and this should not be restricted to face-to-face interaction alone. In fact, the talk on the telephone should also be followed with proper etiquettes because good manners are a direct reflection of one’s behavior and character. Hence telephone etiquette is the right term which can be used for this.

Telephonic etiquette is not merely a bunch of phrases but the virtual image of your behaviors.

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As per this system, there are several phrases which should be used while talking on the phone and several don’ts, which also should be observed simultaneously. How should one sound formal or vice versa- is an important factor which should be well understood while telephonic conversation? In the professional calls, people are formal with each other and follow the mannerism too.

There is no formal course or training module for telephone etiquettes. As kids, we were taught to be considerate to other humans. Though the modules are absent, yet the main thing to understand is that we need to focus on having a smooth conversation; whether it is with a family member, relative, or a friend. Merely starting and ending the conversation with greetings is not enough. It should be smooth throughout. Few handy tips are mentioned which will help people to achieve a smooth talk on the phone.

  • You can never be too busy to be courteous. Yes, it is true that we live in a stressful world with peer pressure. But these are no reasons enough which gives us the ticket to be rude to the people on the other end. Even if it is unwanted sales calls or customer care calls; talking with etiquettes is the least which can be done and it will not cost anything, not even much time.
  • The tone should be correct. Though physically one cannot see the person at the other end; yet it is not only the words which reach the ears of the listeners. The fact is that the tone reaches the person and the entire persona of the person is reflected through the tone. If the person speaks with a positive attitude, the listener will also get positive vibes and the tone will be received correctly.
  • Short and crisp calls are preferred in the professional world. This may not apply for the personal calls but in the professional and official calls, people always prefer to have short and crisp calls.
  • There is absolutely no need to flaunt the fluency in the language. It is not required to use heavy words of the vocabulary. It is better to be simple and make the person receptive of the message which has to be put across.
  • Try to make the conversation interesting and share the thoughts properly in the personal conversations.

Telephonic etiquette

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