Whether you are starting on your goal to fluency or you are already good at holding conversations, the English language has something for everyone to learn. If you want to speak English fluently and be confident while holding conversations with anyone, read through this guide.

Be an active and motivated learner

Take upon yourself to achieve your desire of being able to speak fluent English. Stop relying on others and clear your way towards your destination. The only thing standing between you and your goal is, and once you realize that you would be able to conquer all your dreams with the mere power of will.

Know your goals

Why do you want to learn to speak English fluently? You must have specific goals in your mind that you hope to achieve with the ability to speak fluently. Always keep track of those goals, and they will guide you throughout the progress, even the intensity and focus that would be required of you.

Change your thinking

Start thinking of yourself as an English speaker in order to get into the mindset that will prove beneficial for you in the longer run. If you start seeing yourself as someone who can learn whatever it is that you want to learn, you are already halfway through the process. The same goes for learning English. Once you have established in your mind that you can learn English and speak fluently no matter what, you already have a way better chance of mastering the English language.

Find a conversation partner

The most important part of learning any language is to practice it. To exercise correctly, you would need someone with who you can converse without being judged. If you get anyone to practice English speaking course online, you can always hop on the internet and find someone to chat with. If you are living in a large city, you could discover language conversation groups.

Don’t stress out

It is okay to make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you happen to get something wrong, like pronunciation or grammatical errors. The only thing a mistake signifies is that you are learning and growing through it. Don’t let your mistakes stop you from moving forward.

Keep a speaking journal

Try keeping a record of your English speaking practices. You can record it on your mobile or any other device. It will show you the improvements you have made since the beginning of your journey. Moreover, looking back at the time you started and how far you have come since will give a boost to your confidence and will keep you motivated.

Practice common sentence structure

You would feel more confident while speaking if you build on simple sentence structure, especially if you are in the learning process. If you feel anxious while talking in English, practicing and building on simple sentences would go a long way for you.


You are not expected to remember everything. You will be needed to review to get back to what you have learned. It happens with everyone. Every human being is supposed to review what they have learned to store the information in their minds.

Think in English

The best thing you can do to amp up your learning process is to start thinking in English. Try constructing simple thoughts in your head in English instead of your native language.

Do not just study grammar

While studying grammar helps you with structuring a sentence, it does not necessarily help you with your speaking abilities. A conversation between native speakers is not based on perfect grammar. If you want to enjoy a conversation with someone, get the grammar at the backseat, and just enjoy yourself.

The balance between reading, writing, and speaking

In order to be a quick learner, you need to invest enough time in all the areas. Each aspect plays its role in strengthening your English fluency. Take the example of working out, when you go to the gym, you don’t only exercise a particular part of your body and leave all the other parts. Just like it is essential to work out every part of your body for overall development, it is vital to practice all the aspects of learning English. For complete fluency, try practicing writing, speaking, and reading the language through English Speaking Course.

Consume a variety of sources and topics

With the internet at our disposal, there is no better time to learn English. Find the perfect website or blog for yourself and keep visiting them as your secondary sources of information. Read a range of topics in English and try to understand how the sentences are structured along with the words that are being used. The best thing about finding information online is that you can find the topics of your interest and gain insight from them.

Focus on the phrases you already know

If you already know a few phrases, try building on them by including them in your sentences. It is much easier to rely on the words and phrases you are aware of than experimenting with new ones. Start on your strong suit and develop from there.

Use keywords and phrases

In order to become fluent, you need to focus on keywords and phrases that apply to the day to day conversations. For instance, if you are a student, focus on youth-based keywords and phrases and use them in your communications. Similarly, if you are studying medicine, focus on keywords related to your field. This will make you more comfortable and develop you in your own niche.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts come in handy when one is trying to learn a language. Podcasts come with the ease of listening without distracting the listener with pictures or videos. You can listen to a podcast anywhere, whether you are doing dishes, traveling, or just resting in your bed. It allows you to focus on the words and sentences, like an engaging book. There are a vast number of podcasts available on a range of different topics. Choose the theme that suits you the best and listen to it for an hour every day.

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