Working in a corporate environment can be harrowing. Harrowing is putting it mildly. But then, it has its perks and you’ve got to navigate the sometimes-upstream-journey to sustain yourself in the ever-growing working sector.

A lot many people have faced unwanted and forced back-off from the corporate sector, owing to the unrealistic pressure it creates from time to time. People have been even seen coming out of the corporate sector and settling for something lesser in terms of economic value. Often a gasp of frustration is seen among them who drift apart from the corporate landscape. They feel down of themselves, and start to identify as ‘losers’ which, to say the least, is not the case.


In one hand it is a fact that juggling the corporate may not be a cup of tea for all, on the other hand, it isn’t impossible as well. Once the right attitude is adopted, correct measures and mindset are made, it might start to feel like a cakewalk.

Here are the 10 Ways to Sustain in the Corporate Milieu.

  1. Maintain a Distance from Office Politics

    Office politics can be the dirtiest game played inside your office and can potentially affect your work-life, negatively. It can affect both your confidence and standing as an employee. Unsurprisingly, office politics is very prevalent and there is often no way you can expect an office that is like a kid’s playroom. You’ve got to face it at some point. However, the best way is to steer away as soon as you smell it.

  2. Keep Attending Meetings

    A prim and properly dressed you, sweeping up and down or to and fro the office building (or anywhere) attending meetings is sure to make you an unputdownable part of the organization. So, schedule and attend a lot of meetings. It is often seen as an indication for a productive employee. The number of meetings you’d attend a day will affect the judgment of your higher authority when it comes to judging you.

  3. Master Email Management

    What press releases are to companies, email is to you, as an employee! It means killer email management skills can screech your way to success positively. How? You might want to mark the emails to the aptest audience, maintain a positive note in your emails, mail your boss once a week in times like early morn or at the end of the day (not too many in the working hours) and last but not the least, respond to emails proactively without reminders.

  4. Leave Office Late. Arrive at Office Early

    In India, employers might not be as much bothered to your actual product, then they’d be after the time you spend in the office. That said, if you spend more hours in the office and squeeze the allotted amount of workload into this broader timeframe, you’ll stand out against them who would come on the scheduled time and leave on the same. It is much like an optical illusion. So, come to the office early, fiddle with things, play games, do the right amount of work you should do, then again pass time and viola, you might have impressed someone, whose call starts with ‘B.’

  5. Treat Your Boss Well

    Bosses can be bothersome. But know that they’re similar employees like you, just with more sense of duty, more on the plate to handle. So to make sure the person is in good humor, why not you do something about that? Like, if your boss loves to eat Belgium chocolate, get the person the best box of chocolate you can get. You should try to be the blue-eyed boy/girl of your boss. Try to notice what pisses your boss off and what makes him happy. Just suit yourself to it and it should make your place much stronger.

  6.  “If you’ll Excuse Me!” You’re Busy

    This means you must try to look busy. Great, if you are. But if at times you’re not (understandably) then act you’re. This is ironical to the demure most Indian organizations possess; they want happy, relaxed and joyful employees. But try being relaxed and happy all the time, you might garner a negative reputation. Workers who look worry-free and relaxed might mean to some organizations that the person is not being productive enough. So, put a check on it.

  7.  Pat Your Back From Time to Time

    You must know that if you’re not confident/ satisfied with yourself, people surrounding you might not be with you as well. So it is beneficial you show self-confidence, and that you’re satisfied with yourself. You’re the brand ambassador of yourself and from time to time indulge in self-praise in witty, balanced and smart methods. Don’t overdo it, else you’ll seem like a narcissist.

  8. Play Smart

    There is often a short cut to a longer destination. You’re smart and reliable, so why not try to figure out the smartest solution to the otherwise exhausting processes. This is like going full key with some instructions on the Windows OS instead of using the set of shortcut keys. Try to figure out a smart way to work and you’ll not overwork. It will save yours a lot of energy, beneficial for your performance in many other spheres.

  9. Strategies

    A story goes- once a mechanic was called to repair a broken machine at a factory. After numerous mechanics failed to make the machine even a single huff and puff, the new mechanic came, saw and hit the same once. Wonderfully the machine started to work. Then he demanded quite some amount as fees, say like 5000 rupees of hitting the machine. The factory authorities countered him, demanding an explanation for such a huge payment? The mechanic said, “I am only charging 100 rupees for making the machine run with the hit, the rest 4900 is to hit with the hammer in the right spot. Thus, the strategy works fine. Find out yours.

  10.  Hit the Correct Cords

    There is a term used to identify them who’s influential inside an organization, as they’re close to their bosses. They’re called ‘chamchas’ in their hindsight. But why should it matter to you? Because you’ve got to stay close to their good wish. Harnessing your interpersonal skills, try to make some good rapport with the influential people in your office. There should be a handful of staff who’d essentially say good things about you. This positively affects your standing inside an organization.

    There you stand enlightened in 10 ways how to juggle the corporate life. Be yourself, be a fountain of patience and keep the above things in mind. It has potential to screech your way to success in the long run.

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