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English has become the most common medium of communication in the present era. Especially in a multilingual country like India, English is the binding factor in many cases. Today, it can be seen that speaking English is not the privilege of any particular class. Business and jobs require people to speak English for the purpose of communication. Are you looking for how to learn to speak English? Read on to find out.

The world is a global village. People are getting more educated and job prospects are widening in the spectrum. Hence, today many people need the art of spoken English in order to make a mark in society. However, there are certain factors that non-native English speakers must keep in mind before beginning to learn English.

You must have the correct mindset and follow some simple rules to learn to speak fluent English.

  • Enroll yourself in ‘Spoken English’ tutorial classes– Many training centers have come up everywhere given the demand for communicative English. You too can take help from such centers to learn the basics of communicating in English. They will shape your foundation.
  • Do not get scared: Yes, the most typical thing that holds people back from speaking fluent English is fear of mistakes. When you learn something new, there is room for many mistakes. Do not pressurize yourself to speak perfect English right from the beginning. Make mistakes and learn.
  • Don’t lose out on confidence– Most people stop trying when they cannot speak English after taking speaking classes. Or perhaps a person’s smirk and insulting words have made you feel shy. Always remember, you are trying to learn something new which is a courageous thing in itself. Do not let any comments or even failure weigh you down. Keep trying.
  • Do not try to fake the pronunciation- English like most other language has varied tones according to region. Indian English is absolutely different from American English which is again different from British English. Each region has its own different tone. Thus, do not try to fake a particular accent and instead focus on the phonetics (the sounds of letters). This way you will seamlessly develop an authentic accent of your own.
  • Listen to English news or other broadcasts in English– Going to Spoken-English classes is only the foundation. In order to build a proper structure, you must listen to a lot of English conversation to train your brain.
  • Focus on Grammar- Most people learning English after reaching adulthood, tends to translate sentences word by word. Instead, you should know the grammar of this language in order to speak perfect sentences. Do not simply translate what you say in your language to English. You must know the rules of sentence construction. There is no shortcut.
  • Think everything in English– Experts say that when you are learning a new language, you must stick to it at all times. You must think in English if you want to speak fluently. For example, we have numerous thoughts each moment. You just have to become a bit conscious and try to think in English as much as possible. This will hone your speaking skills and at the same time give you the confidence to speak out loud.
  • Memorize short paragraphs– While you are learning to speak, it is imperative to memorize certain things in the beginning. You can start by mugging up short paragraphs just like you did when you were learning the basics of your native language. Memorize, say out loud and repeat with many paragraphs.
  • Talk to English speaking friends: Most of you will have someone or the other you know who speaks English. Grab them and ask them to speak with you in English. This trick always works and you will learn the art of speaking in no time. Know that, children going to English medium schools are never taught ‘Spoken English’. They learn it themselves by talking with their friends and teachers in English, over the years. You too can do the same.
  • Listen to English songs: Melody has a great impact on learning. Remember how you would memorize entire rhymes when it was in a song format. Similarly, you must listen to basic English rhymes and gradually listen to English songs so that English as a language will slowly start to reach your subconscious level. It will improve your speaking skills.
  • Practice, Practice and practice some more: Speaking of talking fluently will come naturally to you if you practice the language daily. While you are in your learning stage, you must practice relentlessly. Write letters or write short paras and get it checked from someone who knows the language.
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