5 proven Newspaper reading methods to improve your English

Reading a newspaper on a daily basis does not only grant you various information from around the world, but it also improves your English reading and speaking skills. Newspapers are a great source material for you to learn new words and phrases, learn how to frame sentences, and find new ways to express yourself in the English language. 

Let’s take a look at how you can read a newspaper daily to improve your English:

Read Interesting Sections

Newspapers come with a lot of sections that cater to a different audience. Find a section that suits you the best and make it a habit to check it out regularly. Find interesting pieces of news throughout the newspaper and read them aloud. 

Practice Regularly

Reading a newspaper once in a while will not help you much in terms of learning English. You need to practice reading a newspaper on a daily basis in order to see any improvement in your English. Make it a daily habit and stick to it.

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Change newspaper occasionally

Keep changing the newspaper as you go on with your practice. It will help you learn different writing and editing styles and will open your mind to embrace your own distinctions. Moreover, as you read through different newspapers over time, you will also grow a strong vocabulary. Go through different newspapers and find the ones that best suit your style and preference.

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After you are done reading the newspaper, discuss the information you have gathered with your friends, family, and colleagues. Make sure to do the discussion in English. It will help be more confident in your approach and improve your English speaking skills.

Not to mention, reading newspapers regularly will keep you up-to-date with the latest information allowing you to strike and hold conversations with most people. You can make new friends, grow your social circle, and make the process of learning English more fun.

Understand the context

While reading the newspaper you will come across a lot of new words that you will want to add to your vocab. However, before you start using words you learned from newspapers in your daily conversations, make sure you understand the context under which that particular word was used. This way you will understand which word can be used in what situations and thus improve your English speaking and writing skills.

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