Call center executive and a customer

Customer: is this the Sony service center?

CCE : Yes mam, may I help you?

Customer: My music system is giving me trouble. The CD plate and the player are not working. The Cds get stuck and music stops. I want to register a complaint.

CCE: Yes mam, could you please mention your model number and date of purchase?

Customer: Its a Sony regalia MCH 110 bought on 22nd sept 2014.

CCE: As I see here, your product does not fall under the warranty period. Hence you will have to pay service charges, Mam. Our service executive would call you before he comes to visit you. We do have your address details with us and you can expect him at your doorstep within three days time, Mam. Anything else mam?

Customer: No. Thank you and I hope I won't have to call again.

CCE: Not at all Mam. Thanks for calling us and we are always glad to help you.