Parent and Teacher at a PTM conversation

Teacher: Good morning! Please take your seat.

Parent: Thank you Mam! How has my daughter been doing?

Teacher: Here are her reports for this term. Kindly have a look at them. She has done much better than the previous term. Binu is a well behaved girl at class and always helpful at any time. As far as studies are concerned, she has to put in little more effort in Science and Hindi.

Parent: Do you have any suggestions, Mam?

Teacher: You could help her with a timetable where there is more importance given to science and Hindi. This could help her. Besides, if needed, she may go for extra classes too, if possible.

Parent: Yes, I shall do that and I shall try to support her with tuitions as I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time.

Teacher: I am sure with that, Binu would reach her best. Good luck!